Sight seeing spots

・Kusatsu Nettai Ken(Tropical Wonderland) ★Pets allowed with leash. 
Tropical zoo where youcan see many types of animals. 5 mins by car (1.8km) from the cottage.

・Yokote mountain hut (Pets allowed : must be small enough to carry)
Go up with the lif and you will find the highest located bakery in Japan know as “The bakery above the clouds”.
44mins by car (20km) from the cottage. ⚠︎Road closed in winter. Shiga Kusatsu Road could close depending on the weather.

・Nozori Lake (May ~ mid November)
★Pets allowed. 45mins by car from the cottage.

・Chatsubomi-Moss Park
Chatsubomi-Moss is a moss that is designated as a natural monument.
40mins (10km) by car from the cottage.

・Ueda Castle ★Pets allowed. 
This historical castle was built by Sawada Masayuki, a Militery Commander who liver in the Sengoku period.
80mins (55km) by car from the cottage.

・Aisai-no-oka (The hill of beloved wife)★Pets allowed.
Has a famous cabbage field, and is a spot where the husband shots their love for their wife and promise them their eternal love.
40 mins (28km) by car from the cottage.

・Yannbadam ★Pets allowed. (Complation scheduled in March of 2020)
They will do test flooding this Autumn. There will be some places to get grocery too.

・Agatsuma Canyon(Road station)
There is a large area for dogs to run freely. Agricultural products, souvenirs, one-day hot spring.


・Yatsuba Furusato House(Road station) :Agricultural products, souvenirs.


・There are some grocery stores and convenience stores in Kusatsu Town.


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