Refreshing cottage in hot spring town.


Kusatsu is located at an attitude of 1,200 meters above sea level in the mountains of Gunma Prefecture.

Our rental cottage is located in the quiet residential area of Kusatsu, where you can stay like you are living here.

One whole cottage is all for you during your stay.
You can enjoy skiing on the powder snow in winter and hiking during the rest of the year as well as hot spring bathing.

There are many other sightseeing spots around Kusatsu. 

Kusatsu Onsen

“Wata-no-yu” = “ Silk hot spring”.
It is a “Gensen Kakenagashi” which means “water comes directly from the hot spring source.”

Kusatsu Onsen is one of the three major springs in Japan.

You can enjoy the natural hot spring coming 100% directly from the hot spring source, anytime you want.
This hot spring is known as “smooth as silk” which is the origin of the name.

Like your own cottage.

We have a kitchen available just like your home.
Get some food from the local grocery store and convenience store and enjoy cooking with some Kusatsu fresh groceries.

The water is very clean and fresh in Kusatsu, which makes the vegetables, the meat, and the air so good.

With your pets

We are also a pet friendly cottage.
In our hot spring, there is enough space to shampoo your pets. 
Let your pets enjoy the hot spring by using the pet bath we have.
(The pet bath we have is small, so your pet might not fit in depending on the size.)




Our cottage stands on high ground.
The stairs are little steep, so for the pets, we will leave it under your responsibility,

but the usage by children under 12 is not permitted, considering the safety of guests.
Thank you for your understanding.













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